disposable vapes, GCORE, MR. Fog, STLTH -

Disposable Vapes have been gaining popularity in the last year, mainly for their convenience factor. They come in non rechargeable, and now rechargeable options. What are disposable Vapes?
To make it simple, Disposable vapes are rechargeable or non rechargeable e-cigarette vapes that already come pre filled with Ejuice.

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disposable vapes, GCORE, Ghost, MR. Fog, STLTH -

There are lots of different brands of disposable vapes in Canadas market. Some of the top well known brands are: MR. Fog, GCORE, Vice, Ghost, Allo, STLTH, Ghost, Flavour Beast, Coolplay & ELFBAR. Here at Drip Glass & Vape we pride ourselves in carrying only the top quality!

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