Quartz Bangers - What are all those different Styles?

Quartz Bangers - What are all those different Styles?

We here at Drip Glass have a huge selection of Quartz Bangers. Not only your typical Imported ones but also Handmade ones from Glass artists in Canada and USA. Some artists Include: Joel Halen, Highly Educated Gavels, Toro Quartz, IQ Quartz, Hoyes Quartz, PI Quartz, Arhmair, Long Island Quartz, Evan shore bangers, D-Nail Blenders and more! Our overseas (Imported Quartz) are still highly affordable and still made with the highest Quality quartz.

Quartz has Definitely become the Industry Standard to dab in the last few years. Due to the nature of its heat retainment it brings out the best flavour of your concentrates. Quartz Bangers will also last longer than any other nail if taken care of properly.

Some tips to prolong your Quartz Nail / Quartz Banger:

-Take low temp dabs (300-600F)
-Q-Tip after every dab
-Use a Cleaning solution such as Quartzsaver cleaner / Tips after every dab or use as a soaking solution.

There are also different styles of Bangers, as each artist likes to get creative. There are your classic standard Flat / Bottom Bucket banger, than It has evolved to Slurpers that Toro Glass designed, Than the Blender from D-Nail and Blackmarket Glass. No matter what Nail you need or your budget, Drip Glass will have you covered!