New disposable vape of the month: GCORE 7000 indicator

Meet the Gcore 7000 indicator, Gcore’s newest disposable vape. The newest features are the battery indicator and the E-liquid indicator. While still being a rechargeable disposable, No more wondering if the battery is about to die or the E-liquid is about the be empty. The indicator light will  inform you! 

Still 7000 puffs, 10ml of e-liquid, and an adjustable airflow Gcore vape never disappoints! With the new slim design, it fits perfect in any pocket. Find out why Gcore is one of Canada’s favourite disposable vape! 

The GCORE 7000 indicator currently has 10 flavours, with more coming in the future. Find them all at Drip Glass & Vape, downtown Edmonton’s number one vape store!