Highly Educated & The Control Tower

Highly Educated & The Control Tower

Since July 10, 2010, before Quartz bangers became popular, Highly Educated was the to-go company for Titanium Nails. Now fast forward to 2023, Highly Educated is keeping its reputation as one of the top innovators in the industry. While still being made in USA!


They started out with the iconic Gavel Banger, than the V2 & V3 and than following  the SE gavel. What does SE mean?

SE stands for “surface enhanced”


Why did Highly Educated do this? Increase in surface free energy, which leads to a greater surface area VS a geometric one.

It increases the nucleate boiling and advances the Evaporation / Drying time, which therefore increases the amount of Vapor than can be produced.


After the Gavel SE, Highly Educated starting designing the Control Tower. With inspiration coming from a standard blender & slurper they created something new and better. With a longer barrel and a smaller diameter, the SE pillar acts as a “nucleation rolling pin” With the SE pillar being the “Heart” of the operation.


450-550F is the optimal temperature on the control tower. 450F is preferred for Solvent less while 550F is preferred for Hydro-Carbon extracts.