Are you looking for the ultimate dabbing experience? Then carb caps are the icing on the cake and the cherry on top! These are the perfect tool for modifying airflow, retaining heat, and improving the convection at lower temperatures. The Carb cap comes in different styles made with borosilicate Glass that accommodate different uses and accessories. The most popular caps are either made in Canada or USA.

What is a Carb Cap For Dabbing?
Don’t know what a carb cap is? Whether you choose a heady carb cap or a quartz banger cap, they all serve to improve airflow for better intake and prevent your cannabis flavor from escaping. In addition, by placing your cap on top of your banger, you benefit from improved heat distribution and circulation.

Does carb cap work? Do they make a difference? The answer is yes! They are vital for improving the flavor of your dab, improving airflow, and decreasing the vapor you lose to the banger. They are also a must-have if you prefer a live resin (frozen cannabis plants put in solvent extractions). A carb cap will help keep the vapor and flavor locked in.

What are the best carb caps made of?
There is a variety of carb caps to choose from. They are typical of different styles and are made from other materials. For example, there are quartz caps suitable for a quartz banger and carb caps made from handmade Glass. "Heady" Carb caps are handmade from different Glass Artists from around the world!

Want a Carb Cap?
What are you waiting for? Improve your dabbing experience by getting a quartz banger cap in Canada today! Please place your order now and have it delivered in record time. You can also go through our collection of styles and designs to find what works best for you. Happy shopping!